Bamford Academy uniform is available from Gr8 sports via the website or samples for sizing are held in the office. You may bring your child to try on for size and then order online for delivery to school. Bamford Academy uniform is also available from Monkhouse on Drake Street, Rochdale.


During the Winter (September to April - Easter break)

Blue tartan pleated skirt/pinafore/black shorts/trousers

Plain white blouse/shirt (white polo shirts are only acceptable for Reception pupils)

Royal blue jumper with gold piping and academy logo (KS1)

Royal blue blazer with academy logo (KS2)

School tie (Elastic for Reception pupils)

Black shoes - trainers are not acceptable

Black socks/tights

Please note: Trainers are not considered suitable for school wear and therefore are not permitted. In exremely cold weather smart black leather boots are acceptable.


During the Summer (April to July)

Yellow striped dress with academy logo (optional)

Plain white blouse/short sleeved shirt

Blue tartan pleated skirt/black shorts

White or black socks

Black shoes/sandles


Physical Education Kit

White polo shirt with logo

Royal blue shorts or skort

Royal blue hoodie with logo

Black jogging bottoms or leggings

Black pumps (indoor) Trainers (outdoor)

During year 4, pupils will have the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons and will therefore require a swimsuit/trunks, towel and swimming hat.

• Pupils are required to keep their PE kit in a pump bag which will be kept on their peg in school. Please do not allow your child to bring big sports bags into school as we do not have the space to accommodate them.

• PE kit should be in school all week from Monday to Friday and be taken home to be washed at the weekend.

• Reception children will also need a PVC painting/craft overall with long sleeves. They are available from the Early Learning Centre or similar shops or online.

• Outdoor education is very important, therefore we would like your child to have a pair of Wellington boots and a waterproof jacket in school.


Please find our Sports Premium policy here: to follow

Please find our PE policy here: PE-PESP-Report-2023.docx



Pupils are not allowed to wear articles of jewellery such as rings, necklaces, or large/drop earrings. If a child has pierced ears, only plain studs are permitted, as many other types of earrings can result in injury to the child or others during PE or playtimes. Althought plain studs are permitted, they must be removed for PE/games lessons. Wristwatches may be worn, but as with all personal possessions and clothing, responsibility for the loss or damage cannot be accepted by the Academy.



Hair longer than shoulder length, should be tied back. Hair accessories should be minimal and blue in colour. No hair colouring, gel, wax, etc. or tramlines/shapes cut into the hair.