School Meals

School meals are available to all our children at a cost of £10.50 per week. we have meals cooked on the premises by our catering department, using fresh meat and vegetables. There is a wide variety of choice and vegetarian and halal meals are available every day.

Packed Lunch from Home

We do discourage the bringing of packed lunches, basically because the space for storing lunch boxes is very limited and also we cannot provide cool areas to keep the food at appropriate temperatures. This is especially a problem during the summer months.

Please do not send in glass bottles or cans as these can be dangerous if dropped or shaken.

The school operates a ‘Healthy Eating Policy’ and pupils are encouraged to eat sensibly and eat a balanced diet.

Sweets, crisps and chocolate are not considered to be suitable as snacks or to be included in lunch boxes.The same applies to fizzy drinks.

Whatever meal your child has in school, he or she is in the care of our very able Lunchtime Organisers under the direction of the Principle. We expect the children to display good manners, use their cutlery correctly and treat everyone with respect and behave properly at the dinner table and in the playground.

Our school lunch menu’s operate on a 3 week schedule.